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The Blog of Emily McDowell Studio

The Manifesto Post: Getting Intentional

My New Year's posts on Instagram and Facebook were about the two words I'm choosing to focus on in 2016: "uncomfortable" and "intentional." I explained the "uncomfortable" part in my posts there, but this blog post is about the "intentional" part. Some of you reading this know that I worked in advertising before starting my company. Writing company manifestos, taglines, and mission statements for our clients was part of my job. It's one of those building blocks of a brand that any strategist or marketing expert would say you need pretty much before you do anything else. And in general, I agree with that....

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Small Biz Saga: Reporting from the Infrastructure Trenches

Hi guys! When I posted last week about the aftermath of our Empathy Cards release, I mentioned some other major changes that had taken place this spring in our studio. To give you a little backstory: last summer, we outgrew our downtown LA space. Rather than renting an even bigger space, due to the insane cost of real estate here, we made the decision to stay in our studio, but transfer about 75% of our inventory and our wholesale shipping operation to a third party fulfillment house. We kept our retail (orders from our site) shipping in-house at our studio,...

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