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New Parenting Support Cards

We're adding another new category of cards to our line. We're starting small with three styles, but I'm planning to add more in the spring. We're calling these new cards Parenting Support, and they're designed for anyone who's struggling with the day-to-day of raising small to medium-sized people.

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New cards with Papyrus, now at Papyrus stores & Target!

Hi guys, I started talking with Papyrus two years ago about creating a card collection with them, and the cards finally hit stores this week! (Licensing takes time, y'all.) These cards are now available in Papyrus stores and in Target, at these snazzy branded endcaps! (That's my college housemate's cart and snacks next to it, abandoned in surprise.) To be honest, I didn't know the extent of the Target plan until someone tweeted a photo at me earlier this week -- I'm still on vacation in Spain for a few more days as I write this -- and I about fell over...

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The Manifesto Post: Getting Intentional

My New Year's posts on Instagram and Facebook were about the two words I'm choosing to focus on in 2016: "uncomfortable" and "intentional." I explained the "uncomfortable" part in my posts there, but this blog post is about the "intentional" part. Some of you reading this know that I worked in advertising before starting my company. Writing company manifestos, taglines, and mission statements for our clients was part of my job. It's one of those building blocks of a brand that any strategist or marketing expert would say you need pretty much before you do anything else. And in general, I agree with that....

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New Empathy Cards™ for November!

We had so much customer feedback to consider when creating these – something we didn’t have the first round -- and I wanted to make sure I honored that, while also making sure I was writing from a real place, AND that they were good, creatively speaking. 

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