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The Blog of Emily McDowell Studio

The Manifesto Post: Getting Intentional

My New Year's posts on Instagram and Facebook were about the two words I'm choosing to focus on in 2016: "uncomfortable" and "intentional." I explained the "uncomfortable" part in my posts there, but this blog post is about the "intentional" part. Some of you reading this know that I worked in advertising before starting my company. Writing company manifestos, taglines, and mission statements for our clients was part of my job. It's one of those building blocks of a brand that any strategist or marketing expert would say you need pretty much before you do anything else. And in general, I agree with that....

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Instagram Sale Update & Soldsie Review

Hi guys! A few of you have posted on instagram asking "what happened to the Sunday night sale?" A few weeks ago, we tried doing a new Sunday night IG sale with an app called Soldsie, which our friends at Emily Ley have been using with great success, and we learned a few things. 1. Sunday night isn't the best night for our customers. 2. Sunday night isn't the best night for ME. I underestimated how much work it would be to run the Soldsie sale, and I didn't want to spend every Sunday afternoon and evening chained to my computer/phone. (I do...

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2014 Recap: Q2

At the show, we launched our new notepads, stickers, and gift tags, and took a ton of orders for our new totes and towels, which were supposed to arrive from India in late June. (Spoiler alert: this did not happen.) 

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