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On Living the Dream

Hi guys, At long last, the blog got a facelift! Most importantly, it's now mobile optimized, so if you're like me and you basically live your entire life on your phone, it'll be much easier to read than before. Anyway! I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of "living the dream," and what that actually means. Primarily because by many outside accounts, and even by my own account, I'm sort of doing it right now, or at least people keep pointing this out to me. In terms of the dream as fantasy, like what these people probably mean when they say that? Yeah, that's not really happening. But in terms of the dream being like an actual dream, like where you're dating Jeff Goldblum and then he turns into your boss from 4 jobs ago and you guys have to catch a plane to Sweden, but the plane is like the inside of a stadium and all the seats are full? And nothing makes sense but you just go with it? Then yeah. Yes. I AM living the dream. Other Ways In Which I'm Living The Dream:
  • I do like 27 different unrelated things in a row.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm flying. Or swimming through Jell-O.
  • Terrifying things happen.
  • But then it turns out they're maybe not that bad.
  • Things are often really confusing, disorganized and illogical.
  • People pop up out of nowhere to be helpful. Or dicks.
  • I experience All The Feelings.
  • Sometimes I can't explain what I did at work.
  • I now accept bizarre twists and turns of reality without question.
Fortunately, I have yet to show up to work naked. I wouldn't totally rule that out, though. I realize this is not the popular definition of this phrase. But honestly, it's so much more accurate. xoxo Emily