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Instagram Sale Update & Soldsie Review

Hi guys! A few of you have posted on instagram asking "what happened to the Sunday night sale?" A few weeks ago, we tried doing a new Sunday night IG sale with an app called Soldsie, which our friends at Emily Ley have been using with great success, and we learned a few things. 1. Sunday night isn't the best night for our customers. 2. Sunday night isn't the best night for ME. I underestimated how much work it would be to run the Soldsie sale, and I didn't want to spend every Sunday afternoon and evening chained to my computer/phone. (I do that often enough as it is, due to deadlines and work beyond my control!) 3. Soldsie wasn't the best solution for us. Here's a little information about our experience with Soldsie, in the event that it might help you: Soldsie is an instagram sale app that allows people to buy an item in a photo simply by commenting with the word "sold" along with their email address, or by pre-registering with their IG username and email address and just commenting "sold" on the sale item's photo. Soldsie then automatically generates an invoice for the pictured item and sends it to the customer at the email address they commented or registered with. The customer has 24 hours to pay the invoice, which is processed through your normal Shopify checkout (if you don't have Shopify, there's a different way it works, but I don't know the details). It costs $99 a month, or $49 if you don't hook it up to your Shopify store. Here are the numbers behind our Soldsie experiment: Our net result from our Sunday night sale was $127. We sent out something like 65 invoices from instagram, but only 12 were actually paid. It took me about 3.5 hours of work to create the images, link them, deal with the Soldsie back end, and answer everyone's questions, plus I had to be at my computer for the beginning of the sale, because the sale item's price had to be changed manually in Shopify.
Something we didn't realize when we signed up: Soldsie requires you to change the sale item's cost in your shop for the duration of the sale AND the 24-hour period in which invoices may be paid. Also, any visitor to your site during that time can buy the item at the sale price. This means your sale isn't restricted to your instagram followers, and it ends up lasting 24 hours beyond when it officially ends on IG. Again, I know Soldsie has been great for some other folks, but for us, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth. So! We're going to try out a regular Wednesday night IG sale, the old-school way. (We did a quick informal poll to see which night customers preferred, and Wednesday seemed to be the most popular.) We'll announce the sale, post a pic of the sale item, temporarily lower the price on that item in our shop, and change the link in our IG profile to go directly to that item for the duration of the sale. When the sale is over, we'll delete the post. This seems way easier for everyone, and won't cost us $99 a month. Have you used Soldsie or other apps that connect your shop and social media? I get about 10 sales emails a week from new apps that are trying to do this. So far, everything seems either a) really complicated, or b) really sell-y in a way I don't love. What do you guys think? xo, Emily