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Random Mid-February Musings That Are Sort Of About NYNOW

Hi, friends! Despite what I thought were my best efforts, that thing is happening where I've overcommitted myself again. Instead of approaching each day and task with clarity and intention per my nice little vision board, I've been doing the opposite, and the craziness has been mounting since before Christmas. So here is me, refocusing. I made the very difficult decision this week to back out of a huge project I had coming up on the horizon -- a project that I was really excited about and that was a really great opportunity. But every time I thought about the deadlines on top of running my business and keeping up with new product releases, I felt like I was going to barf. There was a time when I would have pushed forward and made it happen, even if I made myself sick and miserable in the process, but I am choosing a different way. Hear that, universe? I AM CHOOSING A DIFFERENT WAY. (Picture me shaking my fist, but in a kind and benevolent manner.) Okay! One reason things have been so crazy is that I just spent ten days in New York, exhibiting in the NYNOW wholesale gift show. It was our first show and the whole experience was fairly challenging and stressful, but we learned a lot. Which is what you say when you didn't make any money and your booth almost fell down, but you want to put a positive spin on the whole thing because life feels better that way. I will do a full post about it at some point, because lots of you guys have asked and I'm happy to share my experience, but I want to have a bit more perspective on the whole thing before I do that. A high point of the show was when the lovely Nole Garey of Oh So Beautiful Paper came by our booth to chat and work her photographic magic. If you don't already read OSBP, you should check it out post haste. It's one of the best, most comprehensive resources out there for stationery appreciators, as well as those of us in the stationery industry. And if you're getting married or having a baby and need invitations/announcements? OMG GET OVER THERE NOW. It's a rabbit hole of paper amazingness. I didn't take any photos of our booth because I was too busy being stressed out, but fortunately for me, Nole took some fantastic ones, and she was kind enough to include us in Part One of her multi-part NYNOW roundup. If you're curious about what stationery/gift trade show booths look like, or you want to see a glimpse of some new stuff coming this spring from powerhouse brands like Rifle Paper Co and Kate Spade as well as indie up-and-comers, head on over and check it out. Here are a few of Nole's photos of our booth. When she took these, the walls were seriously being held upright by zip ties, boxes of catalogs, two Ikea tables, a few strategically placed illegal screws, and prayer. The magic of good photography: You can't even tell.   All photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper.

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