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The Shop is Open! (and other news)

The shop! It's open! (Finally.) International buyers: I'm not set up to ship outside of the US through this shop yet, but you can also buy all the new cards in my etsy shop, and I do ship internationally from there. In other news: this month was insane. I moved out of my house and into a new studio space (a move much appreciated by my boyfriend, as the alternative was building furniture/forts out of my card boxes in the living room). I'm having A/C installed there today, which isn't coming a moment too soon, as it's 100 degrees here in LA right now. Five of my cards are now available at Urban Outfitters, (huh?) which is amazing. I've been posting in-progress photos of the studio space and all kinds of other stuff on instagram, which is my social media network of choice these days. I'm @emilymcdowell_. More soon. xoxo

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