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Shop Reopening July 1 & Post-NSS Madness

Hi guys! The Stationery Show was an amazing experience -- and yes, my catalogs did show up. :) I made a zillion contacts, wrote a lot of orders, met a ton of awesome artists and stationers, and after 4 days on my feet, finally chose correct footwear. The show was overwhelming -- 800 vendors! So many beautiful things! I only wish I'd had more time to walk around and see more of other people's booths. Next year, I'll bring a helper. I was hoping to get my retail shop back open this past weekend, but things are still a bit too hectic around here for me to manage fulfillment of individual orders. I'll be busy filling wholesale show orders starting on Friday, including one for a huge national retailer that I can't announce quite yet, but I'm super duper excited about. In the meantime, I need to figure out where my printer will be delivering 72,000 cards on Thursday. I'm thinking of building a fort with the boxes in my backyard and hoping it doesn't rain. The good news is that I'm moving into an official office space soon, and will be hiring some help -- hooray! I just want to make sure everything is running smoothly before I open this shop and my etsy shop back up, because nothing is worse than placing an order and then having it take forever to arrive. Happy June! I'm turning 37 on Wednesday -- my two favorite numbers, together in one age for the first time. And I Anne Hathawayed my hair yesterday! There's my news. xo