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National Stationery Show, Booth 2854

Here I am in New York! And here's the to-do list that got me here: My instagram feed is filled with photos of people setting up their NSS booths today, but we aren't starting our setup until tomorrow. I'm sharing a booth with Igloo Letterpress, who are currently driving from Ohio with all our stuff -- and I am sitting here in my friend's apartment waiting for UPS to show up with the 300 catalogs I sent to myself from Los Angeles, trying not to freak out about the fact that I forgot to write down the tracking number before I closed my browser window. Which means I have no way to know if the catalogs actually made it onto the truck for delivery. For all I know, they could be sitting on a loading dock in Dallas. I do know they're supposed to arrive today, in the super-convenient window of 9am to 7pm. So here I am, not setting up, trying not to freak out, and trying not to compare my humble beginning to other people's established businesses, beautiful hard-wall booths, and organized, written-down tracking numbers. If you're coming to the show, I'd love to meet you! We're in 2854. Hopefully I will have some catalogs.

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