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The Blog of Emily McDowell Studio

Learning to fly the plane. I think.

You guys. I am the worst blogger. I'm good with Facebook. Decent with Instagram. Pretty crappy at tweeting. And terrible -- terrible -- at maintaining this blog. I need to do that thing where I connect my site to my Facebook page. Maybe that will help? I am practicing being okay with being bad at blogging. Because really, it's not like I've been sitting around for three months. I've been making work. Lots of it. And as much as the internet would like to convince me that my social media presence is The Most Important Thing, I've been focusing on actually, like, making stuff. I'm launching a wholesale stationery line at the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in NYC a little more than a month from now. That means 48 different greeting cards, plus all my existing prints. It's a big experiment, and to be totally honest, it is sometimes a little scary and overwhelming, because guess what: I'm kind of making this whole thing up as I go! This process is requiring more trust (in myself and the universe), confidence, and belief in my own work and vision than anything I've ever taken on. I'm learning a ton and having a lot of fun, and the stress feels like healthy stress most of the time -- unlike, say, ad agency stress. For example. But some days, like today in particular, I feel like I've talked my way into the pilot's seat of a 747, and as the plane is hurtling down the runway at a wobbly 200 miles an hour, I suddenly realize that I have about 15 seconds to figure out how to take off and get airborne before we plow into the fence at the end of the tarmac. I wrote a version of that metaphor as my personal Facebook status today, and a very wise friend commented, "The fence is an illusion. Keep going." The fence is an illusion. Pretty good way to look at it, right? On a more concrete note, a lot of you have asked if I'm going to sell my cards on this site (the shop is 99.5% ready to go, and just between us, it's driving me a tiny bit insane) or on Etsy. The answer is: I don't know yet, but I'm leaning towards no (with the exception of boxed thank you and holiday sets) just because it's so labor-intensive to sell individual cards online. I'll be updating the Stockists tab regularly with retail shops that carry them, though, and if all goes according to plan/hope/dreams, they'll be widely available.