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117% FUNDED and I am the worst blogger on Earth

WE DID IT!!!! And we're still doing it!! Emily+Ross is 117% funded on Kickstarter with 9 days to go in the campaign! This means we are definitely going into production with the three existing scarves, plus going for some exciting stretch goals that include building an e-commerce site, sourcing and sampling tea towels, creating Brooklyn and Miami scarves... such awesome stuff is happening. I'm thrilled that we've been featured on Refinery29, as well as one of my personal favorite blogs, Erin Loechner's Design for Mankind. Hooray!!! We've reached our funding goal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't back us if you want a scarf, or to give one as a gift -- in fact, it means you SHOULD back us, because now that we're fully funded, we'll definitely be fulfilling our rewards for backers. AND, even better, backers get scarves for 20% less than they'll be retailing for once the Kickstarter campaign is over, so you have 9 more days to get one at a discount. Also, as a special reward for Kickstarter backers ONLY, starting at $25, you can get archival pigment prints of the scarf designs. These will not be for sale anywhere once the campaign ends! Limited edition, baby. Okay! Now on to the fact that I've been a terrible blogger! I've been so busy with so much good stuff, I haven't had time to post ABOUT the stuff. But exciting things are happening on the illustration front, including a collaboration with Design Mom that I'll post more about soon. YAY!

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