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Map Mania

I have always loved maps. I have really clear memories of a sixth grade social studies project where everyone drew a country out of a hat and had to do a whole presentation on it. I got Suriname, and spent what felt like weeks (or maybe it actually was weeks?) drawing an incredibly detailed map of its natural resources: timber, bauxite, gold, iron ore. I didn't even have to Google Suriname's natural resources: that's how well I remember the project. (I did have to Google what bauxite is just now. FYI, it's aluminum ore, even though it sounds like something that will make your smile whiter.) I was reminded of all this the other day when I came across this awesome map of Hokkaido on pinterest via mike d. And then my friend, illustrator Kathryn McFarlane, posted this great new map to her site. Anyway, I've been all up in maps lately because I've been working on a map of my own, which has quickly become The Most Detailed Thing To Ever Exist Ever. I swear I will finish it... it's become a mission. For now, here's a section in progress.

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